Our strengths are based upon our collective experience and ongoing success for our clients. If your company would like an obligation free assessment to claim Government funding please feel free give us a call. Our areas of expertise are:

R&D Tax Incentive

Reimburses up to 45% of annual R&D expenditure for R&D start up entities who incur financial risk associated with technical risk in the development of a new product, process or service


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R&D Tax Prepayment Service

TCF Services offer a unique R&D Tax prepayment option for eligible R&D Tax Incentive claimants who seek additional cash flow to reach their next R&D milestone.


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Automotive Transformation Scheme

Quarterly grant payments against
investments in R&D and new capital equipment for local OEM component producers


Take advantage of the ATS before 2018

Clothing & Household Textiles Grant Program

Providing annual cash grants to local Australian designers and manufacturers for innovative product and process improvements


Register before 30th June 2015

Export Market Development Grants

Assisting small and medium sized export businesses through annual cash reimbursements



9 categories of eligible expenditure

Entrepreneur Infrastructure Program

Providing assistance to commercialise new ideas and facilitate business management advice



Accelerating Commercialisation Grants


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Tax Incentives for Investment in Innovation

PM Turnbull’s $1.1 billion National Innovation & Science Agenda moves forward, introducing legislation – Tax Laws Amendment (Tax Incentives for Innovation) Bill 2016 was initiated in the House of Representatives last week. Excellent to see some real moves by the government to help promote a culture of innovation, risk-taking, and an entrepreneurship they have been advocating for Australia. The government…


Innovation Connections supersedes Research Innovations

A further $18 million in funding has been allocated by the Federal Government under its National Innovation & Science Agenda to support business advisory services and to foster business and research/higher education collaborations via the rebadged Innovation Connections element (formerly known as Research Connections) of the Entrepreneurs’ programme (EP).   Unfortunately it only directly supports sectors falling within…