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Defence Innovation Programs

The skills of the nation’s industrial and scientific research base are being sought to contribute to the defence force’s design and development of the next generation of war-fighting skills and equipment.

Once a company enters the Defence Industry supply chain it is also potentially eligible to claim one of the following Defence Innovation grants.

Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS)

The Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) is the one-stop-shop for Defence industry support and guidance. ODIS provides a seamless experience for business to engage with Defence. It is the trusted link for Australian small and medium enterprises (SMEs) looking to enter or expand their footprint in the Defence industry.

Sovereign Industrial Capability Priority Grant

  • Competitive Grant
  • Min $70,000 to $1.4, up to 70% of the cost of the project. Capped at $4.2 million in a 3-year period
  • To build capabilities aligned with Defence’s Sovereign Industrial Capability priorities.
  • SME’s that are a company or a trustee on behalf of a trust
  • Must contribute 30% of the eligible project value.

Projects activities can include:

  • buying, leasing, constructing, installing or commissioning of capital equipment including specialist software to enhance cyber security.

As they relate to the above activities, this can also include:

  • design, engineering and commissioning activities
  • workforce training and accreditations.

Eligibility link

Defence Global Competitiveness Grant

  • Competitive Grant
  • $24,000 to $240,00 for up to 80% cost of investing in projects that build export capability to build a stronger and more globally competitive Australian defence industry.
  • SME’s that are a company or a trustee on behalf of a trust of up to 200 employees

Projects activities can include:

Other Available Defence Programs

Skilling Australia’s Defence Industry Grant

  • Grants provide businesses servicing the defence sector with upskilling and training opportunities to build skills capacity and capability to meet current or future Defence needs.
  • A grant between $5,000 and $500,000 to undertake various defence skills training activities.

Capability Improvement Grant

Please note – This grant is now closed and not expected to reopen.

  • Competitive Grant
  • Min $4,000 to $240,000, up to 80% of the cost of the project. Capped at $240,00 per grantee in a 3-year period. Up to $9 million funds available over 3 years
  • SME’s that are a company or a trustee on behalf of a trust of up to 200 employees
  • Must have at least $5,000 eligible expenditure
  • Contribute
  • 20% of the eligible project value.
  • Must be applying to implement recommendations identified by your CDIC business adviser in your advisory service report to be eligible.
  • Eligibility link

Defence Innovation Hub (DIH)

Is resourced with $640 million over ten years. DIH web portal is seeking to support projects from concept exploration and technology demonstration through to prototyping and ADF capability demonstration/ evaluation. At the end of this process, proven technologies and concepts will most likely be referred into the new military capability acquisition system.

Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGT)

Resourced with $730 million over 10 years. NGT invites proposals for long-term projects which are aligned to science and research, in required categories, to turn early ideas on new defence technologies or approaches into innovations that can change Defence capabilities.

Looking for the Centre for Defence Industry Capability? (CDIC)

The CDIC has been replaced by the Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS), which will be used by Defence and major contractors to find Australian solutions to capability challenges among small and medium businesses.

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