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We specialise in delivering financial assistance via Federal Government industry assistance programs to accelerate business growth.


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R&D Tax Incentive

Reimburses up to 43.5% of annual R&D expenditure for R&D start up entities who incur financial risk associated with technical risk in the development of a new product, process or service.

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R&D Tax Prepayment Service

TCF Services offer a unique R&D Tax prepayment option for eligible R&D Tax Incentive claimants who seek additional cash flow to reach their next R&D milestone.

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Federal Government Grants

Providing assistance to fund research and development projects and to commercialise new ideas.

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State Government Grants

Providing assistance to fund research and development projects and to commercialise new ideas.

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Export Market Development Grants

Designed to encourage and assist Australian exporters in a wide range of industries by providing up to 50% reimbursement on eligible export marketing expenditure.

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Defence Industry Consulting & Grants

TCF Services supports innovative companies with a unique sovereign capability which aligns with the needs of the Defence integrated investment plan whereby a defence engagement strategy is required to alert all stakeholders within the supply chain to ultimately win Defence business. 

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With over 31 years experience as leading industry assistance consultants, TCF Services possess the knowledge and expertise to guide business

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Grants Eligibility Assessment

With over 1500 industry assistance programs currently in operation across Australia and our Federal and State Government's constantly changing the mix, most companies find it difficult to understand and locate what may apply to them. TCF Services keeps abreast of all industry assistance programs and provides a grants eligibility assessment service with the expertise to prepare well presented applications on behalf of clients who rank highly against the eligibility criteria's that apply across various programs.

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Management Consulting

To access specialised support from Government, complex investment projects or unique Australian innovations often requires an effective engagement strategy plan to be implemented to gain support across all stakeholders and enable favourable access to supply arrangements supported by competitive or discretionary grant funding.This service particularly applies to new entrants in the Defence supply chain sector, large scale investment projects in regional areas and the Cleantech/ Renewables sector whereby your innovative story needs to be well represented.

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R&D Tax Prepayment Loans

Through our sister company R&D Capital Partners, we offer R&D Tax Incentive claimants (eligible for the refundable 43.5% cash reimbursement) the ability to draw loans against eligible R&D expenditure incurred on a quarterly, half yearly or annual basis, by using their expected cash refund as security. In some instances we can also offer pre-funding against a robust R&D Plan and budget underpinned by a positive Advanced finding whereby the R&D activities and expenditures are yet to occur.

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R&D Tax Record Keeping

TCF Services contemporaneous record keeping and data collection service delivery process

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R&D Tax Incentive Claim Preparation

R&D technical project writing and eligible project expenditure.

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