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State Government Programs

State Government programs supporting innovation. Designed to drive new, more effective solutions to complex policy and service delivery challenges. We support small-scale collaborative projects that test new approaches to deliver better outcomes.

State Government Programs

State Government programs supporting innovation:



Jobs for NSW. Offers co-funding competitive grant programs for NSW urban and regional companies for the development of commercial products, processes, or services. These programs are:

Minimum Viable Product Grant



Ignite Ideas Fund. A a co-funding program for proof of concept/proof of market.

Hot DesQ – startup relocation

Commercialisation Partnership Program

Business Development Fund.  A $40m co-investment program

Regional Innovation Hubs

Platform Technology Program



Future Industries Fund. Supports projects that create new jobs and stimulate industry investment with competitive grant schemes under:

The Manufacturing Program

The Sector Growth Program

New Energy Jobs Fund.

LaunchVic. Offers a Startup Infrastructure Funding Program

Local Industry Fund for Transition. Supports workers and businesses affected by the closure of large-scale passenger manufacturing.

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