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Life Sciences

TCF delivers Life Sciences Industry Assistance

A global leader in medical technologies, Australia offers investment opportunities ranging from discovery research through to product development partnerships in biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, tropical medicines and digital health areas. Investors can benefit from:

  • research excellence and a collaborative culture
  • accessible world-class research infrastructure
  • a track record of commercial success
  • an ideal market for testing new innovative medical products/technologies
  • Australia’s trade, investment and cultural ties to the fast-growing Asia-Pacific region.

Medical Research Future Fund


The Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) is a $20 billion long-term investment supporting Australian health and medical research
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Biomedical Translation Fund


Provides companies with venture capital through licensed private sector fund managers, helping you to develop your biomedical discoveries.
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Clinical Translation & Commercialisation Medtech


The $19.75 million program will identify and nurture high-quality medical device projects that have commercial potential and support their translation through early clinical trials.
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Australia has a strong but flexible regulatory regime including strong intellectual property (IP) protection, fast-tracked clinical trials, tax incentives and a supportive business culture for undertaking research and development (R&D).

TCF services several clients in the Life Sciences field, with in-house expertise provided by Dr. Rob Judd

Are you in this space and would like to explore claiming the R&D Tax Incentive?

We recommend an R&D Tax Health Check to gauge potential core and supporting activities.

Undertaking an R&D Tax Health check is a great way to sort things out and get some peace of mind as you need to know whether your claims are defensible.

After a site tour or presentation about the opportunities and challenges facing your business, we address the key issues facing firms claiming the R&D Tax Incentive.

This is combined with a review of your last claim, your record keeping system and the results you have achieved to date. Health Check participants expand their understanding of the activities which can be claimed and how to capture them on an ongoing basis to bolster their compliance.

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