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Our Team

Siva Sivakumar - R&D Tax Business Services Manager

Dr Siva Sivakumar - PHD (Computer Science)

R&D Tax Business Services Manager

Passionate, creative and solution oriented, Siva has worked in ICT for over 10 years. Siva holds a PHD in Computer Science, and brings design, research and implementation experience to TCF Services.

“I look at problems as a opportunity to create a new solutions”

I like the agile workflow with a fail-fast methodology to work towards the best solution. It helps in designing the minimum viable product for the customer and getting their feed back at an early design phase. This helps in getting rid of the high fail rate prototype solutions at an early stage and helps in focusing on well designed robust solutions.

I use model based design tools for my solutions – helps in rapid prototyping of ideas and also assist in thinking at a high level for the initial proof of concept.