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NSW Physical Sciences Fund 2022

The 2022 NSW Physical Sciences Fund is now open for applications


The NSW Physical Sciences Fund (PSF) is a competitive development and commercialisation program for technological innovations in NSW.

NSW has great strengths in research across a wide range of scientific fields. The PSF aims to build on these strengths by supporting the translation of research into devices and systems ready for commercialisation.

The PSF is a $5 million fund that aims to deliver significant social, economic and environmental benefits to NSW by providing financial support for the development of new and innovative devices and systems within NSW, across the branches of the physical sciences and engineering, including physics, chemistry, astronomy and the earth sciences.



  1. Purpose
  2. Timeline
  3. Funding
  4. Principles
  5. Eligibility



The purpose is to obtain significant economic, environmental and social benefits to NSW by providing financial support to develop new and innovative devices and systems within NSW across the branches of physical science and engineering, including physics, chemistry, astronomy and the earth sciences

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Date Description
March 4 2022 Preliminary Applications Open
May 2 2022 Preliminary Applications Closed
July 2022 Shortlisted applicants present to the Expert Panel
August / September 2022 Full Applications Requested
October 2022 Shortlisted applicants present to the Expert Panel
December 2022 Successful applicants announced.

Please note that the dates are subject to change.


The funding awarded to each successful applicant will be merit-based and will depend on the overall quality and quantity of applications received.

  • Funding will be in the range of $200,000 to $5 million over a period of one to three years. The funding will be distributed in a single payment to each successful applicant.
  • Funding from the RAAP will take the form of a cash contribution following the execution of a funding deed between the applicant and Investment NSW (the Agency).



  • Project must demonstrate:
    • how the device/system will solve a problem,
    • it’s impact/benefits to NSW,
    • an existing proof of concept,
    • a clear path to commercialisation
  • Funding can be used for commercialisation, manufacturing and protection of IP
  • Funding will be tailored towards a companies current needs
  • Not suitable for very early stage ventures



The NSW Physical Sciences fund is open to the companies meeting the following criteria:

  • a financially viable company or commercial enterprise based in NSW (e.g. location of manufacturing jobs, headquarters based in NSW, NSW investment); have an Australian Business Number (ABN); and is a legal entity; or

The project must:

  • seek to progress a device or system along the commercialisation pathway
  • be innovative (i.e. new to market)
  • be headquartered in NSW and demonstrate that most of the project activities will take place in NSW
  • deliver economic, social and/or environmental benefit to NSW.

Applicants must hold the Intellectual Property or the rights to commercialise the device/system.

Applicants eligible for and/or who have received funding from the Medical Devices Fund are not eligible for the Physical Sciences Fund.


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