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TCF Services has formed a specialist advisory team to assist companies to access funding and supply contracts with the Department of Defence under this new, more integrated, initiative designed to encourage Australian industry to supply a larger share of the military’s latest capability requirements. The skills of the nation’s industrial and scientific research base are being sought to contribute to the defence force’s design and development of the next generation of warfighting skills and equipment.
Defence Innovation Programs have three major streams:
Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) resourced with $230 million over ten years. CDIC offers an advisory service to enable SMEs to develop their business and skills in order to work with Defence, meet Defence innovation requirements, draw up proposals and access global supply chains. Following CDIC advisory services your company may be recommended to apply for a Capability Improvement Grant to further ready your business to work with Defence.
Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGT) resourced with $730 million over 10 years. NGT invites proposals for long-term projects which are aligned to science and research, in required categories, to turn early ideas on new defence technologies or approaches into innovations that can change Defence capabilities.
Defence Innovation Hub (DIH) is resourced with $640 million over ten years. DIH web portal is seeking to support projects from concept exploration and technology demonstration through to prototyping and ADF capability demonstration/ evaluation. At the end of this process, proven technologies and concepts will most likely be referred into the new military capability acquisition system.

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