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Plain english guide to the R&D Tax Incentive

The Plain English Guide to Understanding the R&D Tax Incentive

TCF Services is proud to release The Plain English Guide to the R&D Tax Incentive.
Our guide aims to make a highly complex scheme accessible to every Australian business by answering commonly asked questions and addressing key concerns. The ATO has recently tightened R&D record keeping requirements, and has increased audit activity toward claimants.
The R&D Tax Incentive is available to Australian based companies in any industry sector. If your research and development activities carry financial risk associated with technical risk you are probably eligible to receive a benefit.

Inside we offer:

  • a summary of the research and development tax incentive scheme
  • eligibility requirements
  • the rates of return (For up-to-date rates of return, please see our R&D Tax Incentive product page)
  • the 4 pillars of eligibility, which include an emphasis on project activities and record keeping
  • and the 21 most common mistakes made by startups wanting to claim the incentive.
  • TCF has been assisting Australian businesses with accessing grants and incentives for 30 years. We were Industry Innovators with R&D Tax Incentive, being one of the first to offer a unique prepayment solution for companies to access their entitlement when they needed the funds most.

    Click below to download the free Plain English Guide