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R&D Health Checks - Are your claims defensible?

R&D Tax Incentive – are your claims defensible?

  • ATO and AusIndustry clamp down on non-compliant R&D Tax applications – are your claims defensible?
  • Contemporaneous record keeping – what records should a software R&D company maintain to substantiate its R&D Tax claims?
  • What is the Frascati Manual and why is it relevant in determining eligibility for software companies under the R&D Tax Incentive?
  • ATO review questions revealed – are you equipped to provide this level of data?
  • Ramifications, fines and penalties – what are the potential consequences if I get it all wrong?
  • R&D Tax Health check – do you need a second opinion?
  • New R&D Tax rates schedule – what are the new rates of return if the proposed May 2018 budget changes are passed?

Need assistance to keep your claims defensible?

Eligibility under the scheme is designed to allow benefits to be accessed by all industry sectors. Don’t be fooled into thinking that R&D is restricted to pure scientific invention. If you are undertaking experimental activities for the purpose of generating new knowledge, it makes no difference if you’re working in a factory, office, laboratory or out of your garage as you may qualify for a tax offset.

Download our guide for Understanding the R&D Tax Incentive here

Undertaking an R&D Tax Health check is a great way to sort things out and get some peace of mind as you need to know whether your claims are defensible.

To download our “R&D Tax Incentive – Are your claims defensible?” resource, click the link below.