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ATO and Ausindustry clamp down on non Compliant R&D claims

ATO and AusIndustry clamp down on non-compliant R&D Tax applications – are your claims defensible?

For up to date information on the R&D Tax Incentive, how the current ATO and AusIndustry clamp down has progressed in recent months, or to seek advice and consultation, please see our R&D Tax Incentive product page.

As an outcome of the ever increasing number of R&D Tax Incentive claimants (over 15,000) and annual benefits paid (over $3 billion), the Government announced further reductions to R&D Tax benefits in the May budget and has further ramped up their audit and review activities to ensure proper integrity measures are applied after rejecting many claims and seeking repayment of benefits paid in prior years.

This increased ATO & AusIndustry clamp down on startups and middle ground companies with marginal or borderline R&D creates a sense of uncertainty over claim eligibility. TCF offers an R&D Tax Compliance Health Check too help ensure you are keeping adequate enough records to respond to potential audits.

With over 29 years experience as leading industry assistance consultants, TCF Services possess the experience and skills to prepare, lodge and maximise compliant R&D Tax Incentive returns. If your research and development activities carry financial risk associated with technical risk you are probably eligible to receive a benefit.

For more information on the current audit environment may impact you, download our free guide.