TCF Services has formed a specialist advisory team to assist companies to access funding and supply contracts with the Department of Defence under this new, more integrated, initiative designed to encourage Australian industry to supply a larger share of the military’s latest capability requirements. The skills of the nation’s industrial and scientific research base are being sought to contribute to the defence force’s design and development of the next generation of warfighting skills and equipment.
Defence Innovation Programs have three major streams:
Centre for Defence Industry Capability (CDIC) resourced with $230 million over ten years. CDIC offers an advisory service to enable SMEs to develop their business and skills in order to work with Defence, meet Defence innovation requirements, draw up proposals and access global supply chains. Following CDIC advisory services your company may be recommended to apply for a Capability Improvement Grant to further ready your business to work with Defence.
Next Generation Technologies Fund (NGT) resourced with $730 million over 10 years. NGT invites proposals for long-term projects which are aligned to science and research, in required categories, to turn early ideas on new defence technologies or approaches into innovations that can change Defence capabilities.
Defence Innovation Hub (DIH) is resourced with $640 million over ten years. DIH web portal is seeking to support projects from concept exploration and technology demonstration through to prototyping and ADF capability demonstration/ evaluation. At the end of this process, proven technologies and concepts will most likely be referred into the new military capability acquisition system.

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The Automotive Transformation Scheme (ATS) is a $3.347 billion program which ceases in December 2020. The ATS provides quarterly cash payments for 50% of the value of investment in R&D, and 15% of the value of investment in new capital equipment. Locally-based motor vehicle producers, automotive component producers, automotive machine tool producers and automotive service providers are eligible.

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Federal Government Programs

The National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) outlines numerous programs and assistance (  The initiatives are worth $1.1 billion over four years and include the following four key pillars:
Culture and Capital includes the following measures –
Tax incentives for early stage investors – New arrangements for venture capital investment – Access to company losses – Intangible asset depreciation – CSIRO Innovation Fund – Biomedical Translation Fund – Incubator Support Programme – Improve bankruptcy and insolvency laws – Employee Share Schemes
Collaboration includes the following measures –
Critical research infrastructure – Sharper incentives for engagement – Global Innovation Strategy – Cyber Security Growth Centre – Innovation Connections – Quantum computing – Measuring impact and engagement in university research – ARC Linkage Projects Scheme (Australian Research Council)
Talent and Skills includes the following measures –
Inspiring all Australians in digital literacy and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) – Support for innovation through visas
Government as an exemplar includes the following measures –
Data61 – Business Research and Innovation Initiative – Digital marketplace – Innovation and Science Australia – Public data strategy

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State Government Programs

State Government programs supporting innovation:


Jobs for NSW offer co-funding competitive grant programs for NSW urban and regional companies for the development of commercial products, processes or services. These programs are:

– Minimum Viable Product grant (MVP)

Building Partnerships Program (BPP)

– Regional Solutions grant

– Accelerating Growth Loans

– Gazelle Loan Guarantees


               – Advance Queensland programs, notably:

Ignite Ideas Fund – a co-funding program for proof of concept/proof of market.

       – Hot DesQ – startup relocation

–   Industry Accelerator Program

–   Innovation Partnerships for collaborative research projects

–   Commercialisation Partnership Program

– Business Development Fund – $40m co-investment program

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

–   Regional Innovation Hubs

  • – Platform Technology Program


Future Industries Fund supports projects that create new jobs and stimulate industry investment with competitive grant schemes under:

The Manufacturing Program

– The Sector Growth Program and the

–   New Energy Jobs Fund.

LaunchVic offers a Startup Infrastructure Funding Program

Local Industry Fund for Transition to support workers and businesses affected by the closure of large scale passenger manufacturing.

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Export Market Development Grants


Export Market Development grants (EMDG) provide annual cash rebates to small and medium-sized export businesses with a turnover of less than $50 million. Whether you’re exporting locally or internationally made products, services or intellectual property rights, you are able to apply for the benefits. There are cash rebates available up to 50% (to a maximum of $150,000) for eligible expenses incurred above $5,000.

The following categories of expenditure apply:

Overseas marketing representative costs
Market research consultant costs
Travel costs
Product sample costs
Export oriented trade show costs
Advertising, PR and general promotional material costs
International IP registration costs

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Entrepreneur’s Program


The new Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Program offers support to businesses through four elements:

1/ Business Evaluations – a free assessment conducted at the customers business’ premises for up to 6 days over a 2 month period, resulting in a detailed report and recommendations for the business to make improvements.  Must be in one of the five growth* sectors and have a turnover of at least $1.5M to $100M in one of the last two financial years.

2/ Business Growth Grants – small, co funded grants of up to $20,000 to engage external expertise to assist businesses with implementing improvements recommended by their Business Evaluation.  Must be in one of the five growth sectors* and have a turnover of at least $1.5M to $100M in one of the last two financial years.

3/ Innovation Connections – a facilitation service providing expert advice and solutions for business to knowledge related issues and a brokering service to link businesses with appropriate knowledge providers and research organisations. This may include a matched funding grant of up to $50,000 payable in arrears that assists direct access to research capability.  Must be in one of the five growth sectors* and have a turnover or operating expenditure in the current or one of the two previous financial years:

– between $1.5M and $100M or
– between $750K & $100M for applicants from remote Australia or Northern Australia.

* Advanced Manufacturing; Food and Agribusiness; Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals; Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; and Oil, Gas and Energy Resources.

4/ Accelerating Commercialisation – offers matching grants of up to $1m of eligible project expenditure to assist in the commercialisation of novel products, processes and services for a maximum project period of two years.  Must have a combined turnover of less than $20M for each of the three financial years prior to lodgement of an application.

To support the commercialisation of new ideas and the facilitation of access to business management advice