TCF Services launches its exclusive R&D Tax Incentive prepayment service

Once the Liberal Government announced it would not proceed with Labor’s initiative to allow eligible R&D companies to claim refundable tax offsets on a quarterly basis we decided to establish a prepayment service that would provide a similar benefit to our R&D Tax clients.Our prepayment service is only available to claimants for which we act on behalf of to prepare and lodge the claims AND meet the terms and conditions of our due diligence process.The prepayment service provides 2 types of offerings, the first allows clients to drawdown up to 80% of the benefit they will receive from their current 13/14 year R&D expenses after the calculation of the claim value by TCF Services but prior to lodgement thus providing a 30 – 90 days cashflow advantage.

Drawdown on your 14/15 financial year R&D benefits as you incur R&D expenses

The second offering allows R&D claimants to drawdown on their R&D expenses in the year they incur the expenditure, this can be done quarterly or half yearly, for example an R&D company incurs  $200K in eligible R&D expenses between July and December 2014, in January they provide evidence of the expenditure incurred by access to accounting data, meet the eligibility criteria and our financial due diligence and are able to drawdown up to 80% of the benefit in January which provides a 7 – 9 month cash flow benefit.

If you would like to discuss this offer in more detail please contact  either Gerry Frittmann (Managing Director) or David Tonkin (Director) at  TCF Services.