TCF Services enhances its R&D Tax Incentive “prepayment service”

Are you eligible for an R&D Tax Incentive prepayment?

Only eligible R&D Tax Incentive claimants who are entitled to receive a 45% “refundable tax offset” are eligible to receive a prepayment against current or future R&D tax benefits.

Drawdown on your current 13/14 year claim

If you need funds now and you have yet to lodge your 13/14 R&D Tax claim then talk to us on how we can prepay up to 80% of your benefit now rather than you waiting up to 2 – 3 months for the preparation, registration and processing period involved.

Drawdown on quarterly or half yearly 14/15 year R&D expenses

Enter into a funding agreement and we will provide you with up to 80% of your 45% benefit as you incur R&D costs on a quarterly or half yearly basis thus freeing up capital 6 – 9 months earlier.

Accelerate your funding runway without VC support

Enter into a funding agreement that effectively tops up your annual R&D budget against a pre-determined R&D Plan of annual activities. Approved applicants who have a “positive advanced finding” from AusIndustry are able to receive 60% on top of the R&D funds they committed on the basis that the prepayment loan will also be used to accelerate and support additional R&D activities.

Successful applicants can take advantage of a greater quantum of funding 12 – 15 months earlier than they would have otherwise expected allowing the pathway to commercialisation to be accelerated knowing that the resultant R&D benefit based on a larger annual R&D spend will effectively repay the full R&D prepayment thus providing a win win situation for all concerned.

If you would like to discuss this offer in more detail please contact Gerry Frittmann (Managing Director) or David Tonkin (Director) at TCF Services.